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Dog Guard of the Lowcountry  Serving South Carolina and Georgia.

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David D. |

December 13, 2023

“Chris provides great service. He's fixed our fence twice this year, oncebecause of roots pushing it up and another time from workers cutting it. He does a neat job and is really reasonable! He has become the first person we call for all dog fence related issues!”

Fox M. |

November 20, 2023

“We have had Dog Guard install an electric fence at 2 different houses and the experience has been nothing but fantastic. Chris works so well with the dogs to make sure they understand their boundaries and is always available after the training if there are any issues. We had a couple of older dogs that I was afraid wouldn’t be trainable but Chris worked with them and they “got it” and never left the fence. I would definitely recommend Chris and Dog Guard!”

Riverwalk Animal Hospital | Ridgeland, SC

February 27, 2024

Shout out to Dog Guard of the Lowcountry! We had our fence installed years ago. We, like many people, eventually just quit putting the collars on our dogs. We hadn't used the fence in years when suddenly our 10 and 13 year old dogs started digging out and running down the road. One call to Christopher at Dog Guard took care of that. He came right out, replaced the batteries on the collars, checked the integrity of the fence and even made sure the dogs remembered the rules. Now Dylan and Goose are safe at home again! Thanks Christopher!

Michael M. |

February 14, 2024

Chris was wonderful to work with! The installation was done quickly, and he fully explained how the fence and collar worked. He took our dog, John Boy, out and worked with him for about an hour then invited us to join them in the yard. Within another 30 minutes, John Boy was off-leash and roaming the yard. After 3 days, he was completely at ease in the "safe area" of the yard. It is great to be able to open the door and let him roam our 8/10ths of an acre without having to worry about where he is!

David R. |

February 7, 2024

Chris is highly knowledgeable, personal and provides great service. He responds very quickly and comes out on service calls on very short notice. Many thanks Chris.

Tyler S. |

January 31, 2024

Great company great guy.. super easy and quick. We are loving our fence

Charlie M |

January 30, 2024

I had a broken underground dog fence wire and I was told by the big company that it would be four weeks to make the repair. My pets figured out the fence was down and began to wander. I called Dog Guard of the Lowcountry and they were there that afternoon (late in the afternoon) and fixed the break immediately. Would absolutely recommend this company.

Nicole W. |

January 29, 2024

Great experience, very fast and affordable. I don’t have to worry about our large dog roaming the neighborhood anymore!

Cassetta B. |

January 28, 2024

Chris with Dog Guard is an highly dedicated, loyal and honest business man. And we highly recommend his business to anyone in need of this type of service! He always responds immediately to any questions,.concerns or issues that may arise with our invisible fence. Nowadays it is hard to find good businesses in our area or across the country! He takes his commitment to his customers very seriously and he responds immediately to his customers needs. We had an issue with our invisible fence during the holidays and Chris promised to contact us immediately after returning from his family trip. And he kept his promise and made contact with us immediately after the Christmas holidays! We highly recommend Chris with Dog Guard for any invisible fence needs. Chris thank you for your loyalty and dedication to your customers! And thank you for your service. We need more dedicated business in our area and in our country that values their customers! Once again thank you!

Sam S. |

January 25, 2024

This was the best money we ever spent. We have a one year old Golden Retriever, Finn, that we could just not keep from running off, especially when our neighbors dog went into heat. Chris Williams, the owner of Dog Guard responded right away to my call and came out the same day and told us about the product and installed it one week later. I was skeptical at first, but am amazed at how well it has worked out. Finn will absolutely not cross the fence and we can now sit outside with him and relax and no longer worry about him running off. Chris installed the fence in about three hours and trained Finn in five minutes. Thats all it took! I would highly recommend this product and this company. Chris has followed up with us on several occasions and he is local.

David D. |

December 13, 2023

Chris provides great service. He's fixed our fence twice this year, oncebecause of roots pushing it up and another time from workers cutting it. He does a neat job and is really reasonable! He has become the first person we call for all dog fence related issues!

Heather W. |

December 6, 2023

Chris & the team at Guard Dog have taken care of us since our pup was 8 months old. They trained my girl, reinstalled our system through moves and are always just a phone call away. Great product. (Our girl stays where she’s supposed to be). Even better service.

Sharon M. |

December 4, 2023

What a wonderful experience. Chris was very promt on his response and installed my fence 2 days later. He trained me and my corgi. The fence has made a very positive change in my pup. He is so comfortable with his new boundaries. He can go out in the front yard and see the world. It has helped his socialization skills. It has certainly given us peace of mind. He no longer darts out the door running like a looter with a Louis Vuitton. The neighborhood is thrilled that we all don’t have to chase the hearding pup without being able to catch him. I can sleep peacefully now that I think my furbaby will live until his 1st birthday. Chris always responds right away when I contact him. I highly recommend them.

Fox M. |

November 20, 2023

We have had Dog Guard install an electric fence at 2 different houses and the experience has been nothing but fantastic. Chris works so well with the dogs to make sure they understand their boundaries and is always available after the training if there are any issues. We had a couple of older dogs that I was afraid wouldn’t be trainable but Chris worked with them and they “got it” and never left the fence. I would definitely recommend Chris and Dog Guard!

Wanda O. | Savannah, GA

November 15, 2023

Chris at Dog Guard is amazing! We called Chris after having a disappointing interaction with another vendor. His quick and warm response to our call was refreshing. As a former military guy, he embodies the code to “be a good dude." He did the installation and came back and did the training. Our two fur babies loved him. You would be blessed to use Chris; his customer service and attention to detail are the best not to mention the quality of his workmanship.

Michael S. |

November 12, 2023

Chris was exceptional to work with. He had a plan and good suggestions for the placement of the fence. Install was quick and he did a great job of not disturbing any of the landscaping. Most importantly, he was fantastic with my two labs. After install he returned to get them trained up on the day they arrived. We couldn’t be happier.

Jeanine C. | Hilton Head, SC

November 10, 2023

If the biggest competitor of dog fencing will not return your calls or schedule a prompt service call, call Chris! He took a broken competitor's fence and quickly repaired it while creating a safer environment for my dogs. Now when it rains my fence works properly and if an issue does arise Chris is on the spot! Don’t waste your time on hold with a 1-800 number…

Allen M. | Hilton Head, SC

November 10, 2023

I called Chris and he offered to travel (from an hour away) to help me find our dog and retrain her. Chris checked back several times to make sure we found our dog and when we did, he trained her again. Since then, no issues. Chris is a man of honor. He behaves with integrity. He is professional and caring. He represents the best in business. I’m more than impressed. This business owner is the real deal. A genuinely good guy.

Hillary S. |

November 8, 2023

Chris is a pleasure to work with. He is reliable with quality service. After a lightning storm my fence was not working properly. He came out to my property, quickly assessed the problem and fixed it all in one trip. Very efficient. I appreciate him helping to keep my dogs safe.

Shannon B. | Hilton Head, SC

August 4, 2023

My husband and I recently moved into a new home without fencing and we have two dogs we needed to contain. A friend of mine referred me to Chris at Dog Guard and we decided to give him a try. He was fantastic! He was very accommodating and professional. The best part is I didn't think there was any way my 2-year-old Golden Retriever could fight the temptation to chase squirrels, but after some training from Chris, she quickly learned her boundaries. Both dogs are doing great and we are very happy customers. I highly recommend them!

Jennifer F. | Charleston, SC

June 7, 2023

Chris is the best!! He responds quickly, is ALWAYS reliable, and knows exactly what he is doing! He has kept our dogs safe with the installation of our fence. We confidently recommend Chris with Dog Guard of the Lowcountry, 100 percent!

Nancy S. | Hilton Head, SC

March 31, 2023

They were half the price of other competitors for the same setup! Showed up on time and got the job done within a couple of hours. Nice people! Dog lovers! Would definitely recommend.

Susan P. |

October 11, 2022

He was able to get the installment done within a short time, and when we had a problem with the fence, he was prompt in coming out to fix it. I would highly recommend Chris Williams and Dog Guard.

Nancy T. | Hilton Head, SC

July 22, 2022

Quick response! Very professional and knowledgeable of the product. The installation was well done and the training of our dogs went smoothly.

Amanda Holton |

July 10, 2022

Dog Guard of the Lowcountry was phenomenal. Not only does he install, he also trains your dogs. We have two of the most stubborn breeds there are (Beagle & French Bulldog) and they were trained within 30 min. They now have about 3 acres that they can run and play in and we don’t have to worry about them getting lost or terrorizing our neighbors. And let me tell ya, it works way better than the PetSafe wireless fence (beagle would run right through that one without even thinking twice.) This was definitely worth every penny Dog Guard of the Lowcountry - thanks again! Awesome customer service!

Lea C. |

September 2, 2020

The absolute EASIEST people to work with. Extremely fast responses, SUPER flexible and did an awesome installation. 10/10 would recommend over the bigger, pricier electric fence groups.

James B. | Savannah, GA

June 27, 2020

Less expensive that Invisible Fence, prompt return of call, came next morning, worked almost 2 hours to find difficult break in line, repaired and cleaned up. Would strongly recommend!

Kathleen I. | Bluffton, SC

March 18, 2020

Professional and trustworthy. Very happy with the results. It s a comfort knowing my dog will not run into the street anymore.

Jeremy S. |

March 9, 2020

From start to finish, we had a great experience. The customer service was great.

Carla M. | Adams Run, SC

October 10, 2019

Wonderful to work with and very accommodating. Customer service at it's best. Buddy loves his new freedom and we couldn't be happier. Should have done this much sooner.

Janet D. | Okatie, SC

July 2, 2019

Excellent customer service!!!

Laurel F. | Okatie, SC

March 18, 2019

Excellent customer service. Friendly and quick to response. They were excellent with training my dogs on the fence. I would highly recommend this company.

Kathie B. | Vidalia, GA

December 19, 2018

They came to our property and gave wonderful suggestions on where to put the fence line. They were very professional. They laid 800-900 feet of wire, did the training with 2 dogs and was gone within 4 hours.

Addison F. |

March 26, 2018

Recently moved ourselves and our 5, yes 5 dogs from a home with a 6' wood panel fence to a new neighborhood and a home with a large yard and without fencing. The first two week were tough and we found ourselves leashing up all the dogs several times a day and trying to exercise them/allow them to go to potty. Rather than go with fencing that would either block our view or be obstructive, we decided to give Dog Guard a call. Chris showed up and gave us some information and ideas for our home. We though about it over the weekend (many more leash on/leash off sessions) and decided to go with Dog Guard. Chris and his assistant showed up as promised and in a couple of hours had installed the underground wire and power box. The border is marked with flags. After the installation, Chris spent some time working with all of the dogs showing them the boundary lines. There were some line steppers in our pack but they soon recognized the flags as an area that they could not cross. Over the next 3-4 days, we worked with the dogs several time per day, sometime with leashes and sometimes without and while there were a few time that one of the pack got too close to the boundary, I was surprised that they were able to identify their area. After 4 days working a couple of hours per day, we have not had any problems. While we do not leave the dogs running while we are not home, but when we are there we open the back porch and they come and go as they want. They enjoy barking at the neighbors and the kids riding past on bikes, but do not cross the boundary. Dog Guard has been wonderful for our family and allowed us peace of mind and our dogs freedom to run around and explore without being tied to a human. There have been a few run-ins with the wire, most commonly when a errant throw of a ball crosses the line, but they have learned that the flags are their boundary. Thankful for and highly recommend Dog Guard

Joe D. |

March 25, 2018

Our puppy Addie never saw a squirrel she didn’t want to chase until Chris installed a Dog Guard perimeter invisible fence in our yard! My wife and I could not be happier. Now Addie moves about knowing her limits in the yard and only dreams about squirrel chases of the past. Chris is a soft spoken great guy and it is always our pleasure to recommend his service to other dog owners.

Jennifer P. | Bluffton, SC

March 21, 2018

Very professional, customer oriented company.

Kate M. |

February 28, 2018

Great people, super fast response time and exceptional value! Our dogs are safe, happy and we are no longer worried they will try and visit everyone in the neighborhood!!

Carol S. | Clyo, GA

February 27, 2018

Installation was fast and they trained our dog. She use to leave our yard and go to neighbors everyday but now she stays in yard. We have left her out when we go shopping and she is sitting on porch when we return. The only regret is that we didn't put it in sooner. Thank you so much!

Ellen B. | Hilton Head Island, SC

February 26, 2018

They were super helpful with a broken Invisible fence system and gave me great advice and service!

Thomas O. | Savannah, GA

December 12, 2017

We scheduled the installation for a Friday, but the weather was terrible so we rescheduled for a Monday. Chris and his crew arrived on time. My paver driveway was a challenge. However, Chris and his crew managed to adapt, overcome and improvise a solution in placing the underground wire below the pavers with disruption and completed the installation and training. The system is warranted for the life of the product. Thus far we are very happy with the results. Chris and his crew are all combat veterans and know how to solve difficult problems. I would highly recommend Dog Guard to anyone in the Savannah, Hilton Head, Beaufort area and beyond. Great job, on time service, and very affordable.

Liz S. | Springfield, GA

July 9, 2017

Very professional

Christopher D. | Pooler, GA

March 7, 2017

Great contractor! Excellent quality, customer service and support!! Recommend them highly. A++

John N. | Hilton Head Island, SC

November 15, 2016

Very professional from initial contact to installation to training. Excellent experience

Jeff P. | Beaufort, SC

August 24, 2016

Courteous on time Good quality work Would highly recommend

Carol B. | Savannah, GA

August 14, 2016

Great contractor.

Chuck S. | Pooler, GA

July 7, 2016

These guys were on time. Professional service. Also served his country for 21 years.

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